Authors: Clark R. Dohrmann and Olof B. Widlund

Title: Hybrid Domain Decomposition Algorithms for
Compressible and Almost Incompressible Elasticity

 Abstract: Overlapping Schwarz methods are considered for  mixed finite element
 approximations of linear elasticity,
 with discontinuous pressure spaces, as well as for compressible
 elasticity approximated by standard conforming finite elements.
 The coarse components of the preconditioners are based on
 %spaces, with a fixed number of degrees of freedom per subdomain,
 spaces, with a  number of degrees of freedom per subdomain
 which is uniformly bounded, and which are similar to those
 previously developed for scalar elliptic problems and
 domain decomposition methods
 of iterative substructuring type, i.e., methods based on
 non-overlapping decompositions of the domain. The local
 components of the new preconditioners are based on solvers on a
 set of overlapping subdomains.