Title: General Algorithms for Testing the Ambiguity of Finite Automata 


Authors: Cyril Allauzen, Mehryar Mohri and Ashish Rastogi 

This paper presents efficient algorithms for testing the finite,
  polynomial, and exponential ambiguity of finite automata with
  $\epsilon$-transitions. It gives an algorithm for testing the exponential
  ambiguity of an automaton $A$ in time $O(|A|_E2)$, and finite or
  polynomial ambiguity in time $O(|A|_E3)$. These complexities
  significantly improve over the previous best complexities given for
  the same problem. Furthermore, the algorithms presented are simple
  and are based on a general algorithm for the composition or
  intersection of automata. We also give an algorithm to determine the
  degree of polynomial ambiguity of a finite automaton $A$ that is
  polynomially ambiguous in time $O(|A|_E3)$. Finally, we present an
  application of our algorithms to an approximate computation of the
  entropy of a probabilistic automaton.