Title: A FETI-DP algorithm for elasticity problems with mortar discretization on geometrically non-conforming partitions


Authors: Hyea Hyun Kim

In this paper, a FETI-DP formulation for three dimensional
elasticity on non-matching grids over geometrically
non-conforming subdomain partitions is considered. To resolve the
nonconformity of the finite elements, a mortar matching condition
is imposed on the subdomain interfaces (faces). A FETI-DP algorithm 
is then built by enforcing the mortar matching condition in dual and
primal ways. In order to make the FETI-DP algorithm scalable, a
set of primal constraints, which include average and momentum
constraints over interfaces, are selected from the mortar matching
condition. A condition number bound, $C(1+\text{log}(H/h))2$, is
then proved for the FETI-DP formulation for the elasticity
problems with discontinuous material parameters. Only some faces
need to be chosen as primal faces on which the average and
momentum constraints are imposed.