Title: Squidball:  An Experiment in Large-Scale Motion Capture and Game Design


Authors:  Christoph Bregler, Clothilde Castiglia, Jessica DeVincenzo, 
Roger Luke DuBois, Kevin Feeley, Tom Igoe, Jonathan Meyer, Michael Naimark,
Alexandru Postelnicu, Michael Rabinovich, Sally Rosenthal, Katie Salen,
Jeremi Sudol, and Bo Wright Abstract:
This paper describes a new large-scale motion capture based game that is called Squidball. It was tested on up to 4000 player audiences last summer at SIGGRAPH 2004. It required to build the world's largest motion capture space, the largest motion capture markers (balls), and many other challenges in technology, production, game play, and social studies. Our aim was to entertain the SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater audience with a cooperative and energetic game that is played by everybody together, in controlling real-time graphics and audio, while bouncing and batting multiple large helium filled balloons across the entire theater space. We detail in this paper all the lessons learned in producing such a system and game, and argue why we believe Squidball was a great success.