Title: Infrastructure for Automatic Dynamic Deployment
of J2EE Applications in Distributed Environments 


Authors: Anatoly Akkerman, Alexander Totok, and Vijay Karamcheti 


Recent studies showed potential for using component frameworks for building flexible adaptible applications for deployment in distributed environments. However this approach is hindered by the complexity of deployment of component-based applications, which usually involves a great deal of configuration of both the application components and system services they depend on. In this paper we propose an infrastructure for automatic dynamic deployment of J2EE applications,that specifically addresses the problems of (1) inter-component connectivity specification and its effects on component configuration and deployment; and (2) application component dependencies on application server services, their configuration and deployment. The proposed infrastructure provides simple yet expressive abstractions for potential application adaptation through dynamic deployment and undeployment of components. We implement the infrastructure as a part of the JBoss J2EE application server and test it on several sample J2EE applications.