Title: FETI--DP, BDDC, and Block Cholesky Methods


Author: Jing Li and Olof B. Widlund

Two popular non-overlapping domain decomposition methods, the FETI--DP and BDDC algorithms, are reformulated using Block Cholesky factorizations, an approach which can provide a useful framework for the design of domain decomposition algorithms for solving symmetric positive definite linear system of equations. Instead of introducing Lagrange multipliers to enforce the coarse level, primal continuity constraints in these algorithms, a change of variables is used such that each primal constraint corresponds to an explicit degree of freedom. With the new formulations of these algorithms, a simplified proof is provided that the spectra of a pair of FETI--DP and BDDC algorithms, with the same set of primal constraints, are the same. Results of numerical experiments also confirm this result.