Title: Sekitei: An AI planner for Constrained Component Deployment in Wide-Area Networks


Author: Tatiana Kichkaylo, Anca Ivan, and Vijay Karamcheti 


Wide-area network applications are increasingly being built using component-based models,
enabling integration of diverse functionality in modules distributed across the network.
In such models, dynamic component selection and deployment enables an application to
flexibly adapt to changing client and network characteristics, achieve loadbalancing, and
satisfy QoS requirements. Unfortunately, the problem of finding a valid component
deployment is hard because one needs to decide on the set of components while satisfying
various constraints resulting from application semantic requirements, network resource
limitations, and interactions between the two. In this paper, we describe a general model
for the component placement problem and present an algorithm for it, which is based on AI
planning algorithms. We validate the effectiveness of our algorithm by demonstrating its
scalability with respect to network size and number of components in the context of
deployments generated for two example applications a security-sensitive mail service, and
a webcast service   in a variety of network environments.