The growing popularity of network-based services and peer-to-peer networks has resulted in situations where components of a distributed application often need to execute in environments that are only partly trusted by the application's owner. Such deployment into partial or unstable trust environments exacerbates the classical problems of distributing decomposable services: authentication and access control, trust management, secure communication, code distribution and installation, and process rights management. Unfortunately, the application developer's burden of coping with these latter issues often dominates the benefits of service distribution. The DisCo infrastructure is specifically targeted to the development of systems and services deployed into coalition environments: networks of users and hosts administered by multiple authorities with changing trust relationships. The DisCo infrastructure provides application-neutral support for the classical problems of distributed services, thereby relieving the developer of the burden of independently managing these features. DisCo also includes support for continuously monitoring established connections, enabling corrective action from an application to cope with changing trust relationships. Our experience with building a secure video distribution service using the DisCo toolkit indicates that the latter permits distributed secure deployment into a partly trusted environment with minimal application developer effort, affording the advantages of natural expression and convenient deployment without compromising on efficiency.