Hind et al.~\cite({Hind99}) use a standard data flow framework \cite{Rosen79, Tarjan81} to formulate an intra-procedural may-alias computation. The intra-procedural aliasing information is computed by applying well-known iterative techniques to the Sparse Evaluation Graph (SEG) (\cite{Choi91}). The computation requires a transfer function for each node that causes a potential pointer assignment (relating the data flow information flowing into and out of the node), and a set of aliases holding at the entry node of the SEG. The intra-procedural analysis assumes that precomputed information in the form of summary functions is available for all function-call sites in the procedure being analyzed. The time complexity of the intra-procedural may-alias computation for the algorithm presented by Hind et al.~(\cite{Hind99}) is $O(N^6)$ in the worst case (where $N$ is the size of the SEG). In this paper we present a worst case $O(N^3)$ time algorithm to compute the same may-alias information.