Abstract: Iterative substructuring methods are introduced and analyzed for saddle point problems with a penalty term. Two examples of saddle point problems are considered: the mixed formulation of the linear elasticity system and the generalized Stokes system in three dimensions. These problems are discretized with mixed spectral element methods. The resulting stiffness matrices are symmetric and indefinite. The unknowns interior to each element are first implicitly eliminated by using exact local solvers. The resulting saddle point Schur complement is solved with a Krylov space method with block preconditioners. The velocity block can be approximated by a domain decomposition method, e.g., of wire basket type, which is constructed from local solvers for each face of the elements, and a coarse solver related to the wire basket of the elements. The condition number of the preconditioned operator is independent of the number of spectral elements and is bounded from above by the product of the square of the logarithm of the spectral degree and the inverse of the discrete inf-sup constant of the problem.