643 ED I: NYU EDUCATIONAL ROBOT DESIGN AND EVALUATION B. Mishra, M. Antoniotti, August 1993 The primary goal of the NYU educational robot project is to create a disseminable, multi-functional and inexpensive laboratory course sequence, aimed at improving the practical skills of undergraduate students specializing in robotics, vision, AI and manufacturing disciplines. The main work-horse of the NYU educational project was chosen to be a multi-functional ED I robot system, consisting of a 4 DOF DD arm and several auxiliary devices. The system was designed to be simple, inexpensive, flexible and safe. In this report, we describe the history, design, structure and evaluation of this robot system. We also describe several robotics and related course sequence that can use the ED I system effectively. We also provide some example experiments that have been run on ED I successfully. This report has benefited from the labor, contribution, discussions, advice and criticisms of several people on the ED I project team and the credit for the final product goes to the entire team.