Machine Level Optimizations
Author: Allen K. Leung
Advisor: Krishna V. Palem


Two machine instruction level compiler optimization problems are considered in this work.

The first problem is time-constrained instruction scheduling, i.e., finding optimal schedules for machine code in the presence of time constraints such as release-times and deadlines. These types of time constraints appear naturally in embedded applications, and also as a side effect of many other compiler optimization problems. While the general problem is NP-hard, we have developed a new algorithm which can optimally handle many P-time solvable sub-instances. In fact, we show that almost all previous algorithms in this related area can be seen as an instance of the priority computation scheme that we have developed. Our work extends and unifies many algorithmic results in classical deterministic scheduling theory related to release-times, deadlines and pipeline latencies.

The second problem that we investigate in this work is scalar optimizations in machine code. We present a new framework that utilizes static single assignment form (SSA) at the level of individual machine instructions. Complementing the framework, we have also developed new SSA construction algorithms which are faster than previous algorithms, and are very simple to implement.