Theses & Reports

Instructions for submitting a technical report or thesis.

You can find technical reports published prior to 1990 archived here.

  • Ph.D. Thesis 1984 On the use of Global Optimization Algorithms for the Detection of Semantic Programming Errors (Setl, Data Flow, Type Finding) Freudenberger, Stefan M. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1984 Description of Operating Systems using Very-High-Level Diction (Programming Languages) Leshem, Gavriel Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1984 Decidability and Proof Procedures for Set Theory with a Choice Operator Omodeo, Eugenio Giovanni Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1984 A Self-Organizing Database System - a Different Approach to Query Optimization Piatetsky-Shapiro, Gregory Ilya Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1984 Concurrency Control using Locks in Distributed Databases Wolfson, Ouri Abstract | PDF