Theses & Reports

Instructions for submitting a technical report or thesis.

  • TR2019-993 2019 Vertex-Based Preconditioners for the Coarse Problems of BDDC Dohrmann, Clark R.; Pierson, Kendall H.; Widlund, Olof B. Abstract | PDF
  • TR2019-992 2019 Verifying Concurrent Search Structure Templates Krishna, Siddharth; Shasha, Dennis; Wies, Thomas Abstract | PDF
  • TR2019-994 2019 The Block FETI--DP/BDDC Preconditioners for Mixed Isogeometric Discretizations of Three-Dimensional Almost Incompressible Elasticity Pavarino, Luca F.; Scacchi, Simone; Widlund, Olof B.; Zampini, Stefano Abstract | PDF