Theses & Reports

Instructions for submitting a technical report or thesis.

You can find technical reports published prior to 1990 archived here.

  • TR2004-852 2004 Fast and Cheap Genome wide Haplotype Construction via Optical Mapping Anantharaman, Thomas; Mysore, Venkatesh; Mishra, Bud Abstract | PDF
  • TR2004-853 2004 Naturally Speaking: A Systems Biology Tool with Natural Language Interfaces Antoniotti, Marco; Lau, Ian T.; Mishra, Bud Abstract | PDF
  • TR2004-854 2004 Practical Packrat Parsing Grimm, Robert Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2004 Partitionable Services Framework: Seamless Access to Distributed Applications Ivan, Anca Abstract | PDF
  • TR2004-851 2004 Sekitei: An AI planner for Constrained Component Deployment in Wide-Area Networks Kichkaylo, Tatiana; Ivan, Anca; Karamcheti, Vijay Abstract | PDF
  • TR2004-855 2004 Dual-Primal FETI Methods for Linear Elasticity Klawonn, Axel; Widlund, Olof B. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2004 VALIS: A Multi-language System for Rapid Prototyping in Computational Biology Paxia, Salvatore Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2004 Thick Surfaces: Interactive Modeling of Topologically Complex Geometric Details Peng, Jianbo Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2004 TM-LPSAT: Encoding Temporal Metric Planning in Continuous Time Shin, Ji-Ae Abstract | PDF
  • TR2004-850 2004 Optical flow estimation as distributed optimization problem - an aVLSI implementation Stocker, Alan Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2004 Unsupervised Discovery of Extraction Patterns for InformationExtraction Sudo, Kiyoshi Abstract | PDF
  • TR2004-856 2004 Three-level BDDC in Two Dimensions Tu, Xuemin Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2004 An Efficient and High-Order Accurate Boundary Integral Solver for the Stokes Equations in Three Dimensional Complex Geometries Ying, Lexing Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2004 High Performance Data Mining in Time Series: Techniques and Case Studies Zhu, Yunyue Abstract | PDF