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Instructions for submitting a technical report or thesis.

You can find technical reports published prior to 1990 archived here.

  • TR1996-721 1996 Primal-Dual Interior-Point Methods for Semidefinite Programming: Convergence Rates, Stability and Numerical Results Alizadeh, F.; Haeberly, J.A.; Overton, M.L. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1996 Algorithms in Semi-Algabraic Geometry Basu, Saugata Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-729 1996 PLinda User Manual Brown, T.; Jeong, K.; Li, B.; Talla, S.; Wyckoff, P.; Shasha, D. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-717 1996 Schwarz Preconditioners for Spectral and Mortar Finite Element Methods with Applications to Incompressible Fluids Casarin, M.A., Jr. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-725 1996 Building a Fast Double-Dummy Bridge Solver Chang, M-S. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-730 1996 An O(n log n) Algorithm for the Maximum Agreement Subtree Problem for Binary Trees Cole, R.; Farach, M.; Hariharan, R.; Przytycka, T.; Thorup, M. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-731 1996 Tree Pattern Matching and Subset Matching in Randomized O(n log^3 m) Time Cole, R.; Hariharan, R. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-724 1996 Two Heuristics for the Steiner Tree Problem Dreyer, D. R.; Overton, M.L. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1996 Statistical Source Channel Models for Natural Language Understanding Epstein, Mark Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-720 1996 A Model and Solution to the DNA Flipping String Problem Geiger, D.; Parida, L. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-727 1996 Hierarchically Split Cube Forests for Decision Support: description and tuned design Johnson, T.; Shasha, D. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-716 1996 Preconditioners for Indefinite Problems Klawonn, A. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-715 1996 Skip-Over: Algorithms and Complexity for Overloaded Systems that Allow Skips Koren, G.; Shasha, D. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-723 1996 Highly Efficient Instruction Scheduling of Realtime Programs on RISC Processors Leung, A.; Palem, K.V.; Pnueli, A. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-718 1996 CoRRet: A CONSTRAINT Based Environment for Rapid Prototyping Real Time Programs Palem, K. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1996 Solving the Navier-Stokes Equations on a Distributed Parallel Computer Sabbagh, Hadil Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-719 1996 NYU Reactive Gripper: An Implementation Teichmann, M.; Mishra, B. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-726 1996 Some Numerical Results Using An Additive Schwarz Method For Maxwell's Equations Toselli, A. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-722 1996 A Note on Scheduling Algorithms for Processors with Lookahead Ungureanu, C. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1996-728 1996 Formal Models of Distributed Memory Management Ungureanu, C.; Goldberg, B. Abstract | PDF