Theses & Reports

Instructions for submitting a technical report or thesis.

You can find technical reports published prior to 1990 archived here.

  • TR1990-532 1990 On Triangulations of the 3-Ball and the Solid Torus Bohus, G.; Jockush, W.; Lee, C.; Prabhu, N. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-520 1990 Stable Perturbations of Nonsymmetric Matrices Burke, J. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-506 1990 Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Indefinite Elliptic Problems Cai, X.; Widlund, O. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-512 1990 Tight Bounds on the Complexity of the Boyer-Moore Pattern Matching Algorithm Cole, R. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-510 1990 On the Optimal Design of Columns Against Buckling Cox, S.; Overton, M. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-534 1990 Physical Idealization as Plausible Inference Davis, E. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1990 Detecting Nondeterminism in Shared Memory Parallel Programs Dinning, Anne Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-498 1990 Performance of Shared Memory in a Parallel Computer Donovan, K. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-507 1990 Multilevel Additive Methods for Elliptic Finite Element Problems Dryja, M.; Widlund, O. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-529 1990 Substructuring Methods for Parabolic Problems Dryja, M. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-531 1990 Cutting a Polytope Jockush, W.; Prabhu, N. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-503 1990 Tree Locking on Changing Trees Lanin, V.; Shasha, D. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-518 1990 Dag Representation and Optimization of Rewriting Li, K. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1990 Program transformation for efficient derivation of multiple solutions in concurrent logic languages Markantonatos, Nikolaos Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1990 Data structures and algorithms for hierarchical memory machines Mirza, Mirza G. R. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-523 1990 Execution of Regular DO Loops on Asynchronous Multiprocessors Ouyang, P. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-505 1990 Large-Scale Optimization of Eigenvalues Overton, Michael L. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1990 Design and implementation of HyTeK: A knowledge-based hypertext system Perez-Carballo, Jose F. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1990 On a generalization of Herbrand's theorem Policriti, Alberto Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-533 1990 On a Conjecture of Micha Perles Prabhu, N. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1990 Space-variant computer vision with a complex-logarithmic sensor geometry Rojer, Alan S. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1990 SAGE: A real-time operating system for robotic supervisory control Salkind, Louis K. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-514 1990 Beyond Fail-Stop: Wait-Free Serializability and Resiliency in the Presence of Slow-Down Failures Shasha, D.; Turek, J. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-519 1990 A Domain Decomposition Algorithm for Elliptic Problems in Three Dimensions Smith, B. Abstract | PDF
  • TR1990-517 1990 Domain Decomposition Algorithms for the Partial Differential Equations of Linear Elasticity Smith, B. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 1990 The APRAM: A model for asynchronous parallel computation Zajicek, Ofer Abstract | PDF