Theses & Reports

Instructions for submitting a technical report or thesis.

You can find technical reports published prior to 1990 archived here.

  • Ph.D. Thesis 2002 Expert-Driven Validation of Set-Based Data Mining Results Adomavicius, Gediminas Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2002 Responsive Thinwire Visualization of Large Geographic Datasets Been, Kenneth Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2002 Representing and Modifying Complex Surfaces Biermann, Henning Abstract | PDF
  • TR2003-838 2002 An Embedded Boundary Integral Solver for the Unsteady Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Biros, George; Ying, Lexing; Zorin, Denis Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2002 On computing the Pareto-optimal solution set in a large scale dynamic network Daruwala, Raoul-Sam Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-824 2002 Adaptive Service Access in Shared Wireless Environments Fu, Xiaodong; Karamcheti, Vijay Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-825 2002 Balancing Neumann-Neumann Preconditioners for Mixed Approximations of Heterogeneous Problems in Linear Elasticity Goldfeld, Paulo; Pavarino, Luca F.; Widlund, Olof B. Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-834 2002 Overlapping Schwarz Preconditioners for Spectral Nedelec Elements for a Model Problem in H(curl) Hientzsch, Bernhard Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-828 2002 Dual-Primal FETI Methods for Incompressible Stokes and Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations Li, Jing Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-830 2002 Dual-Primal FETI Methods for Stationary Stokes and Navier-Stokes Equations Li, Jing Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-832 2002 Efficiently Distributing Component-based Applications Across Wide-Area Environments Llambiri, Deni; Totok, Alexander; Karamcheti, Vijay Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-833 2002 Online Codes Maymounkov, Petar Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-826 2002 Building Secure File Systems Out of Byzantine Storage Mazieres, David; Shasha, Dennis Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-831 2002 Image Denoising using a Gaussian Scale Mixture in the Wavelet Domain Portilla, Javier; Strela, Vasily; Wainwright, Martin J.; Simoncelli, Eero P. Abstract | PDF
  • Ph.D. Thesis 2002 Informative Features in Vision and Learning Rudra, Archisman Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-829 2002 Workload Characterization of a Personalized Web Site - And Its Implications for Dynamic Content Caching Shi, Weisong; Wright, Randy; Collins, Eli; Karamcheti, Vijay Abstract | PDF
  • TR2002-827 2002 StatStream: Statistical Monitoring of Thousands of Data Streams in Real Time Zhu, Yunyue; Shasha, Dennis Abstract | PDF