Candidate: Ilya Rosenberg
Advisor: Ken Perlin


Prof. Ken Perlin, NYU (advisor, reader)
Prof. Rob Fergus, NYU (reader)
Prof. Denis Zorin, NYU (reader)
Prof. Davi Geiger Davis, NYU (auditor)
Prof. Richard Brandt, NYU (auditor)

Time: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Place: 719 Broadway Room 1221

Title: Natural Interaction with a Virtual World


A large portion of computer graphics and human/computer interaction is concerned with the creation, manipulation and use of two and three dimensional objects existing in a virtual world. By creating more natural physical interfaces and virtual worlds which behave in physically plausible ways, it is possible to empower nonexpert users to create, work and play in virtual environments. This thesis is concerned with the design, creation, and optimization of user-input devices which break down the barriers between the real and the virtual as well as the development of software algorithms which allow for the creation of physically realistic virtual worlds.