Topics in Formal Synthesis and Modeling


Candidate: Uri Klein
Advisors: Amir Pnueli and Lenore Zuck


Time: Thursday August 25, 11:00am

Place: Warren Weaver Hall (Room 805)


The work presented focuses on two problems, that of synthesizing systems from formal specifications, and that of formalizing REST -- a popular web applications' development pattern.

For the synthesis problem, we distinguish between the synchronous and the asynchronous case. For the former, we solve a problem concerning a fundamental flaw in specification construction in previous work. We continue with exploring effective synthesis of asynchronous systems (programs on multi-threaded systems). Two alternative models of asynchrony are presented, and shown to be equally expressive for the purpose of synthesis.

REST is a software architectural style used for the design of highly scalable web applications. Interest in REST has grown rapidly over the past decade. However, there is also considerable confusion surrounding REST: many examples of supposedly RESTful APIs violate key REST constraints. We show that the constraints of REST and of RESTful HTTP can be precisely formulated within temporal logic. This leads to methods for model checking and run-time verification of RESTful behavior. We formulate several relevant verification questions and analyze their complexity.