Verses for the Information Age

Ernest Davis

In loving memory of
my mother, Hadassah F. Davis
and my father-in-law, Richard P. Iano
lovers of poetry

Table of Contents

The Tragic Tale of Tay the Chatbot
Translation: Human and Machine
Tversky and Kahneman
Virtual Reality
The Sex Robot
The Occupant
Ring Home Security
Amazon Ring is, once again, the target of unfair complaints from silly, ungrateful people.
Big Data
The Internet of Things
The Ramsey Number R(5,5)
Educational Software
Beethoven and Bach's B Minor Mass
Intermezzo with Arik
Employee Surveillance
The Singularity
Kolmogorov Complexity
The Panacea
On the dispersion and Balkanization of Computer Science education at institutes of higher learning
The Parable of the Robot and the Milk
We Rate Dogs
Equifax: or, Trust Betrayed
DeepMind's Business Model
"Click to Accept the Terms and Conditions"
A Video Tour of my Phone Bill
Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace
Origin Myths
Amazon Turns Books into Garbage
Amazon Chooses Speed Over Safety
Stoop Gourds
Translation of Martial Epigram VI:12
The Palantir of New Orleans
The Security Breach at Verkada
The 37% Rule
Struggles with Software and Search
The Digital Dark Age
Giuliani and the 2020 Election
The Rogues' Gallery
The Dark Age
End Notes

Privately published, June 2017, with some additions since. 
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