A Video Tour of my Phone Bill

I just got an email from AT&T:
There's a video tour of my bill, just for me!

They've made me a movie, for my very own
So that I'll understand what I pay for my phone.

Art museums and such have not half the allure,
Compared to a bill, for a video tour.

A friendly young woman explains every charge
The monthlies and extras, the small and the large.

A catchy, melodious tune starts to play
While my hostess interprets the fees that I pay.

In the picture, the family's loving the show.
You can't tear them away from their bill video!

My unfortunate ancestors had to pay bills
With no movies to watch, only numbers and stills.

It's a triumph of pure cinematic delight!
I'm going to watch it all day and all night.

This is part of the collection Verses for the Information Age by Ernest Davis