The Security Breach at Verkada

If you're nervous by nature and need to feel sure
That your stuff and your secrets are safe and secure,
Buy a network of cameras to use to surveil
And they'll catch all unauthorized folks, without fail.

A startup in Silicon Valley, Verkada,
Sold lots of security cameras. They got a
Spectacular list of elite clientele
So their bottom line's doing remarkably well.

There had been a kerfuffle in 2019,
It turned out some kind of director had been
Surreptitiously filming the female employees,
But, hey, it's the Valley and boys will be boyees.

It goes without saying, these cameras connect
To the net, so it's thought to be wise to protect
These networks against hacker cyberattacks,
And Verkada, it seems, was a little bit lax.

In fact, many security courses begin:
"The password and name of the Super Admin
Are valuable things for a hacker to know.
So to post them in public is not comme il faut."

Some hackers in Europe soon found on the net
These clues. They were able to use them to get
Unlimited access to all the devices
Verkada had sold at exorbitant prices.

'Twould be harsh to suggest that someone should resign,
For error is human; forgiveness, divine.
But one of the hackers, we all can feel pleased,
Has had their house raided and property seized.


This is part of the collection Verses for the Information Age by Ernest Davis