The Rogues' Gallery

A politician steals and cheats, abuses power, and lies.
And if you've studied history, this comes as no surprise.
But the gang that took the White House in 2017
Is more vile, corrupt, and stupid than we have ever seen.

I can't find much to like or praise in realms beyond the seas.
In Europe anti-Semitism spreads like a disease.
There's Putin, kleptocratic thug. There's murd'rous MbS.
China's a surveillance state. Great Britain is a mess.

Erdogan and Orban, Khamenei and Bashar:
Tyranny and fascism, theocracy and war.
But about my native country I've no lack of things to say,
So I focus on the garbage who now run the USA.


The son-in-law and daughter are paltry, two-bit crooks
With Ken's and Barbie's empty skulls and shiny Botox looks.
Ivanka launders money for goons from Kazakhstan
While Jar'd sells out opponents of bin Salman, his main man.

Michael Flynn was fired from his job, so, moving on,
He naturally took a job with Turkey's Erdogan.
Plus he had ties to Russia, so nothing could be wiser
Than appointing him as National Security Advisor.

Steve Bannon and Steve Miller are fascists to the core.
But Bannon liked to chat with Michael Wolfe, so he's no more.
Steve Miller still remains, the chief exponent of the charms
Of the policy of ripping babies from their mothers' arms.

Sean was hired for the job of lying to the press.
He managed some amazing feats of sheer untruthfulness.
But Sean seemed not quite comfortable. Now in his former place
Is Sarah with the lifeless eyes and sullen, hostile face.

Paul Manafort who volunteered to manage the campaign
Has had a very dark and evil hist'ry in Ukraine.
So dangerous his knowledge and so damaging his tale
That rather than explain it he'll spend many years in jail.

Roger Stone and Michael Cohen, dregs of law and politics,
They work with sleazy threats and slimy bribes and dirty tricks.
Then there's Rudy Giuliani, that senile old clown
Who pretends to be a lawyer and spews nonsense up and down.

The Cabinet! Where did he find so ludicrous a crew?
They're ignorant, incompetent, and rotten through and through.
Rex Tillerson! Jeff Sessions! Ryan Zinke! Wilbur Ross!
Scott Pruitt! Al Acosta! and Elizabeth de Vos!

The congressmen who represent the once-proud GOP,
Now worship every foul word he speaks on bended knee.
Paul Ryan, Devon Nunez, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham,
Swore to guard the Constitution; but their oath's not worth a damn.

There are many more to choose from, but the poem's already long,
And I haven't yet described the major subject of my song.
So I'll turn to the chief scoundrel and I'll leave the rest behind,
'Cause, truth to tell, I loathe him more than all the rest combined.


He's ignorant, illiterate
Full of envy, full of hate,
Narcissistic, childish, vain,
Indifferent to human pain.
Cheats workers, wives, and creditors,
Hires sexual predators
And thinks the way to women's hearts
Is grabbing at their private parts.
Birther, climate change denier,
Pathologically a liar.
Tweets constantly and --- quite a feat ---
He tells a lie in every tweet.
He worships thugs whom all despise
But just can't stand our best allies.
He insults heroes but insists
There's good in white supremacists.

He hates the law and always fights
Against the US Bill of Rights.
If he could have his druthers, he
Would end our precious liberty
To speak and write and demonstrate
Against abuses of the State.

He hides his tax returns because
They'd show he's broken many laws.
He's tried to block investigation
Of Russian plots against the nation.
There's every reason to suppose
That Putin owns him head to toes,
And that to Washington we sent
A Russian asset President.

I long to see that man, in short,
Impeached, convicted, tried in court,
Die wretched in a federal cell
And then forever burn in Hell.


This is part of the collection Verses for the Information Age by Ernest Davis