The latest news from Betelgeuse:
The big red star is not so far.

But when a long, long time has passed,
'Twill perish in a mighty blast.
And take the stage in its new role:
First supernova, then black hole.

That day Orion's hand will fill
Itself with overwhelming light
Which all too soon will disappear,
And vanish in eternal night
Like Beren son of Barahir
Whose hand first grasped a Silmaril
And then was eaten by a wolf.
The red star will devour itself,
As did Ungoliant of yore,
And thus become a fearsome tower,
From which no wisdom, skill, or power
Can flee to see the stars once more.

If you've read Tolkien carefully,
You'll always find analogy.


This is part of the collection Verses for the Information Age by Ernest Davis