Deep Mind's Business Model

DeepMind’s losses are growing because it continues to hire hundreds of expensive researchers and data scientists but isn’t generating any significant revenue.

Alphabet's DeepMind Losses soared to $570 Million in 2018, Sam Shead, Forbes, August 7, 2019.

How long, pray, can Deep Mind afford to lose
A half a billion dollars every year?
Its victories at chess and Go amuse,
But hardly justify expense so dear.
Their grand aims won't eternally excuse
The lack of profitable apps, I fear.
The shareholders will, in the end, refuse
To fund this, with no dividends to cheer.
As time goes by, with zero revenues
Support from Alphabet may disappear.

Their lavish funding's likely to run dry
Before they build a general AI.

This is part of the collection Verses for the Information Age by Ernest Davis