The Internet of Things

Some worriers feel that the ultimate scare
Is the thought of how Skynet becomes self-aware.
The image of Ava, malicious and clever,
Leaves many suspicious of robots forever.
But I'm pretty sure that the scariest threat
Is the legion of Things that connect to the Net.

Your intelligent car calls your smart coffee pot,
"The Master is coming. Start making it hot!"
Your coffee's just right as you stride in the door.
It's so great living now! Who could ask for more?
But who else can call your intelligent car,
And what can they get it to do from afar?

Any daring director who's eager to try
To film realistic disaster sci-fi
Can work out the result if some foe more or less
Controlled every device with an IP address
Every car, every plane, every truck, every toy
Could be used as a bomb to attack and destroy.

This is part of the collection Verses for the Information Age by Ernest Davis