Amazon Ring is, once again, the target of unfair complaints from silly, ungrateful people.

There are various reasons you might want to buy
A security camera system for home
You might want on your doorway to keep a close eye
Or to check that the kids are OK, as you roam.
If your primary goal in the purchase is to
      Allow deviant, pervert, and creep
      On their iPhones to secretly peep
      At your spouse and your kids as they sleep
Then, sure, Amazon Ring is the product for you.

In Brookhaven, Georgia, through Amazon Ring
A terrified woman was yelled at in bed.
And in Mississippi the same sort of thing:
An eight-year old girl heard a voice, and she fled.
In Cape Coral, Florida, racist abuse.
      The number of vicious attacks,
      Of virtual break-ins and hacks
      Due to cybersecurity lax
Is growing fast, as you can see in the news.

The reaction at Amazon put on display
That acute social conscience that's garnered such fame.
"Our product is perfect, it's needless to say.
The customers clearly deserve all the blame.
You're supposed to install two-way aúthentication !
      If you didn't, you're dumb as a brick.
      It's a perfectly obvious trick.
      We can't bother with morons so thick.
There's no merit in your most unfair accusation."


This is part of the collection Verses for the Information Age by Ernest Davis