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Course # Course Name Instructor Call # Days Time Room
G22.1133-001 C-PAC I (4 pts.) Lewis 31108* TR 7:00PM-9:00PM 101 WWH
G22.1170-001 Fundamental Algorithms Shoup 30160 M 5:00PM-6:50PM 109 WWH
G22.1170-002 Fundamental Algorithms RCT Shoup 31369 T 7:00PM-7:50PM 109 WWH
G22.2110-001 Programming Languages Dewar 30161 W 5:00PM-6:50PM 109 WWH
G22.2110-002 Programming Languages RCT Dewar 31370 T 8:00PM-9:00PM 109 WWH
G22.2245-001 Unix Tools Korn 30163 W 7:00PM-9:00PM 109 WWH
G22.2250-001 Operating Systems Gottlieb 30164 T 5:00PM-6:50PM 109 WWH
G22.2262-001 Data Communications & Networks Conron 30165 R 7:00PM-9:00PM 109 WWH
G22.2270-001 Computer Graphics Perlin 30166 M 7:10PM-9:00PM 102 WWH
G22.2271-001 Computer Vision Geiger 30167 R 5:00PM-7:00PM 101 WWH
G22.2420-001 Numerical Methods I Widlund 30168 M 5:10PM-7:00PM 101 WWH
G22.2434-001 Advanced Database Systems Shasha 30169 M 7:10PM-9:00PM 101 WWH
G22.2945-001 Immersed Boundary Method Peskin 31250 W 1:25PM-3:15PM 513 WWH
G22.3033-001 Statistical and Computational Learning Theory Melamed 30171* W 1:15PM-3:05PM 709 719BWY
G22.3033-002 Logic in Computer Science Barrett 30172 M 5:00PM-6:50PM 102 WWH
G22.3033-003 Topics in Computer Graphics Zorin 30166 M 1:15PM-3:15PM 1221 719BWY
G22.3033-004 Bioinformatics Mishra 30174 T 5:00PM-6:50PM 101 WWH
G22.3033-005 Heuristic Problem Solving Shasha 30175 T 7:00PM-9:00PM 102 WWH
G22.3033-006 Producing Production Qual Software A. Goldberg 30176 W 5:00PM-6:50PM 101 WWH
G22.3033-007 Models/Analysis of Real-Time/Hybrid Systems Pnueli 30177 T 5:00PM-6:50PM 813 WWH
G22.3033-008 Web Service and Applications Grimm 30178 T 5:00PM-6:50PM 102 WWH
G22.3033-009 WWW Programming Poelman 30179 M 7:00PM-9:00PM 109 WWH
G22.3033-010 Application Servers Franchitti 30180 W 7:00PM-9:00OM 102 WWH
G22.3033-011 Systems Biology Mishra 30181 W 5:00PM-6:50PM 102 WWH
G22.3033-012 Introduction to Computational Number Theory & Algebra Shoup 31203 TR 1:15PM-2:45PM 513 WWH
G22.3110-001 Honors Programming Languages Goldberg 30182 MW 3:30PM-4:45PM 102 WWH
G22.3520-001 Honors Analysis of Algorithms Siegel 30183 TR 3:30PM-4:45PM 102 WWH
G22.3812-001 Info Tech Projects A. Goldberg 30184* R 5:00PM-8:00PM 402 WWH
G22.3813-001 Adv Lab/Independent Study staff 30185
G22.3813-002 Adv Lab/Independent Study staff 30186
G22.3813-003 Adv Lab/Independent Study staff 30187
G22.3813-004 Adv Lab/Independent Study staff 30188
G22.3840-001 Master's Thesis Research staff 30189
G22.3860-001 PhD Thesis Research staff 30190
G22.3862-001 PhD Thesis Research staff 30191
G22.3864-001 PhD Thesis Research staff 30192
G22.3866-001 PhD Thesis Research staff 30193
G47.4747-001 Maintenance of Matriculation N/A 30509

* requires access code. Please contact the instructor.

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