Stern Registration Procedures for MSCS Students

The Stern course schedule, course descriptions and course syllabi can be found here .

When looking at courses, be sure to check the course prerequisites to ensure that you are qualified to take the course.

Be sure to review your MSCS degree requirements before registering for courses to ensure that you are completing all the course requirements of your degree program.

All Stern courses must be approved by the Director of Graduate Studies. Please e-mail your approval request to your advisor, either James Paguyo ( ) or Betty Tsang ( ). Be sure to include the course name, course number and the official course description in the e-mail. If the request is approved, you will then need to complete a Stern Cross Registration Form and submit it to your advisor, who will then email the form to Stern. You can find the Stern Cross Registration Form here .

Stern students are given priority when registering for Stern courses. While Stern registration officially begins on a set date, it is only open for Stern students. Non-Stern students are able to register for courses later on in the registration process. Once Stern informs the Computer Science Department of the dates that registration will open up for non-Stern students, the Computer Science Department will inform the students. For important Stern dates, see the Stern academic calendars .

Stern will begin to review Stern Cross Registration Forms once they open up their registration to non-Stern students. Stern will contact the advisor once the form has been reviewed. Your advisor will then be in touch to let you know if a seat in the course is available or not. If a seat is available, you will receive a permission number to register for the course. Once you receive the information, you need to register the course on Albert within two business days.

Stern accounts will automatically be set up for students after registering. This account must be activated in order to access Stern class resources. To activate your Stern account, visit the account activation page . (Please note that your Stern NetID is the same as your NYU NetID.)

If you have problems activating your Stern account, contact the Stern IT Help Desk at or at (212) 998-0180.