Stern Registration Procedures for MSIS Students

The Stern course schedule, course descriptions and course syllabi can be found here. Be sure to select “Non-Stern” from the student type dropdown menu. Check this page for the steps to register for Stern courses as a "Non-Stern" student. MSIS students can register directly on Albert.

When looking at courses, be sure to check the course prerequisites to ensure that you are qualified to take the course. Stern is very strict with prerequisite checking.

Stern students are given priority when registering for Stern courses. While Stern registration officially begins on a set date, it is only for Stern students. Non-Stern students are able to register for courses later in the registration process. MSIS students are given priority over other non-Stern students and are able to register earlier. For important Stern dates, see the Stern academic calendars .

The department will announce when registration for Stern courses will begin. Beginning on that date, you may register for Stern courses on Albert. Be sure to review the Stern course schedule before choosing courses as not all Stern courses are open to non-Stern students.

To review the MSIS requirements, visit the MSIS Program Overview .