Maintenance of Matriculation and Leave of Absence

Students must maintain continuous registration throughout their studies in the graduate program.

Continuous registration can be achieved by doing one of the following each fall and spring term:

  • registering for at least one credit
  • registering for MAINT-GA.4747 (maintenance of matriculation)
  • obtaining an approved leave of absence

There is a limit of 4 semesters of Maintenance of Matriculation by fee prior to the completion of coursework. Once coursework is complete, there is no limit on the number of semesters of maintenance of matriculation permitted.

A student in good standing who is obliged to withdraw temporarily for national service, serious illness, or compelling personal reasons may request a LEAVE OF ABSENCE(LOA), which, if approved by the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS), maintains the student's status and assures readmission at the end of the leave.

The length of an LOA should not exceed one year, except in cases of compulsory national service.

During the leave, no matriculation fees accrue. The period of approved LOA counts as time to degree, except in cases of compulsory national service.

Because of visa requirements, an international student can request a leave of absence for medical reasons only. Contact the Office of Global Services for further details.

To request a Leave of Absence, fill out a GSAS Academic Leave of Absence Request Form , specifying whether the request is for one or two semesters and providing a detailed description of the reason for the proposed leave. Include any supporting documentation, such as a doctor's note in the case of illness, and submit it to your adviser. Master's students should submit forms and documentation to either James Paguyo (CIWW 324 or fax it to the attention of James Paguyo at 212 995-4124) or Betty Tsang (CIWW 326 or fax it to the attention of Betty Tsang at 212 995-4124). PhD students should submit forms to Santiago Pizzini (CIWW 325 or fax it to the attention of Santiago Pizzini at 212-995-4124).

The Director of Graduate Studies will review the materials and decide if the Computer Science Department will endorse a student's request. Once a decision has been made, the student will be notified via email. If the department endorses the request, the materials will be sent to GSAS for their consideration. For the Leave of Absence to be officially approved, GSAS must approve the request. The student will be notified by email of GSAS's decision, once the Computer Science Department is informed of the outcome. If the leave is approved by GSAS, then the student will also need to complete the NYU Term Withdrawal Form .

If the leave is denied, you must register for MAINT-GA.4747 and pay the required fees for Maintenance of Matriculation or register for at least one credit.