Registration Information for Master's Students

Advisor Approval

Master's students are automatically approved to register for the upcoming semester. Students are not required to meet with their advisors for approval but are encouraged to discuss their semester schedule or program plan with their advisor via email, in-person or virtual appointment. Email Graduate Advising at Students will only be able to start registering after their registration appointments begin. Dates and times will vary based on your earned (graded) credits.

Students can make an appointment with their advisor using the calendar links below. Please be sure to take into account the time zone your calendar is set to.

Make an appointment with Betty here.

Please note that students are not required to meet for advisor approval for the summer semester. If you wish to register for a summer course, you can e-mail your advisor (please include your N number) and request that your advisor approval hold be removed. If you would like to meet with your advisor to discuss your progress and plans, you are welcome to do so.

Registration Appointments

Once the advisor approval process has been announced, students should request advisor approval as soon as possible. Waiting to the last minute can delay the ability to register. Please be aware of the applicable registration dates and possible late fees. These are listed on the official NYU Academic Calendar .

Students are given appointment times for registration based on how many earned credits a student has. Based on the number of credits you have earned so far, you will be given a day and time on which to begin registering. You can register after that date and time, but you will not be able to register before that date and time. Again, you will be blocked from registering until you have been given advisor advisor approval.

Current courses are not calculated into the earned credit amount. Only credits from successfully completed courses are counted. For example, if you are a full-time student in your second semester, you likely have completed 9 earned credits, assuming you took and successfully completed three courses in your first semester. If you are a full-time student in your first semester, you have not successfully completed any credits yet.

The registration appointments are broken down as follows:

Number of earned credits Registration Day
27 earned credits or more Initial Registration on 1st day
18-26 earned credits Initial Registration on 2nd day
9-17 earned credits Initial Registration on 3rd day
0-8 earned credits Initial Registration on 4th day

Registration Holds

All master's and non-degree students will have an advisor approval hold on their account. A student cannot register until that hold is removed by the advisor. It is possible for a student to have additional holds that will block a student from registering. A Past Due Balance and Measles/Mumps/Rubella Vaccination are examples of holds that may block a student from registering. Click on “Details” in the “Holds” section on Albert to see the contact information for how to resolve the hold. Students are advised to check their holds and resolve any outstanding holds that would block them from registering before registration begins.

Enrollment Cap

All MSCS, MSIS and non-degree students have an enrollment cap of 9 credits. This means that a student can only enroll for 9 credits in a given semester. The system will not allow a student to enroll in an additional course, if the student is already enrolled for 9 credits or if the additional course would bring the total of enrolled credits over 9. If a student wants to request permission to take more than 9 credits in a given semester, the student needs to submit a Course Overload Request Form to his or her advisor. If approved by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), the student will be allowed to enroll for more credits in the semester requested.

Swap Function

Please note that it is very important to use the swap function, especially if you have signed up for waitlists. In terms of using swap for a waitlisted course, you are basically telling the system I am enrolled in course A and waitlisting course B. If I can get into course B, then drop me from course A.

If you are enrolled for 9 credits and have also signed up for a waitlist, then you must use the swap function, or you will not be able to enroll in the waitlisted course. For example, if you are enrolled for 9 credits and are on a waitlist but did not use the swap function, when it is your turn on the waitlist, the system will see that you are already registered for the maximum number of credits allowed and will not enroll you. You will remain on the waitlist, but you will not be enrolled.

You must also use the swap function if you are on a waitlist for a course that meets at the same time as a course that you are enrolled in. For example, if you are registered for a course that meets on Mondays from 5:10pm-7:00pm and waitlist a course that meets on Mondays from 5:10pm-7:00pm, then you must set it up as a swap. If you do not and the system tries to enroll you off of the waitlist, it will see that you already are registered for a course that meets at that time and it will not enroll you into the waitlisted course.

Please refer to the links below for instructions on how to use the swap function on Albert.

Maintaining Matriculation

If a student does not plan on registering for any credits in any particular semester, with the exception of the summer, the student must register for Maintenance of Matriculation (MAINT-GA 4747-001). Students will still need to set up an appointment and gain advisor approval to register for Maintenance of Matriculation. More information is available on the Maintenance of Matriculation page.

Stern Course Registration

Tuition and Fees

Please note that the act of registering generates related tuition charges and fees, for which students are financially responsible. Check the NYU Bursar's page on dropping classes for exact dates when students can drop a course and still receive a refund.

To find out more information about tuition and fees, please refer to the NYU Bursar's page on tuition and fee rates .

Contact Information

Betty Tsang
Assistant Director, Academic Affairs, Graduate Programs
Room 326, Warren Weaver Hall
(212) 998-3061

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