Courses Spring 1997

G22.3033.09 Programming for the World Wide Web. Instructor: Amsterdam, Jonathan
G22.3350 Honors Theory of Computation. Instructor: Boppana, Ravi
G22.3033.01 Randomized Algorithms. Instructor: Cole, Richard
G22.2560 Artificial Intelligence. Instructor: Davis, Ernest
G22.2112 Scientific Computing. Instructor: Greenbaum, Anne
A22.0004 Computers in Principle and Practice. (All sections: Smosna, Matthew, Hummel, Robert and Hull, Nathan
A22.0005 Computers in Principle and Practice II. Instructor: Hull,Nathan
G22.3130 Honors Compilers. Instructor: Jagannathan, Suresh
V22.0444 Introduction to Databases. Instructor: Kedem, Zvi
V22.0102 Introduction to Computer Science II. Instructor: Marateck, Samuel
A22.0002 Introduction to Computers and Programming. Instructor: Marateck, Samuel and Cerami, Ethan
V22.0490.001 Special Topics: Programming Languages. Instructor:Mishra, Bud
G22.2433 Database Systems. Instructor: Ramaswamy, Sridhar
G22.2250 Design of Operating Systems. Instructor: Rao, Josyula
G22.3033.02 Cryptographic Protocol Design and Analysis. Instructor: Rubin, Aviel
G22.1170 Fundamental Algorithms. Instructor: Yap, Chee
V22.0380.001 Introduction to Multimedia. Instructor: Piltch, Stuart