Introduction to Computer Science II

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Professor: Samuel Marateck
TA: Derek Dreyer


Every phrase that appears in blue and is underlined is a link to another page. To read that page, move the mouse so that the cursor is on the underlined phrase (the arrow should now look like a hand) and click the mouse. The new page will now appear. To return to the previous page, click the square (its called a button) that appears on the top left of the page. Click here for information on printing and saving files.

Reaching Samuel Marateck

Java Applets

FINAL EXAM: Monday, May 12, 12:00 - 1:50pm, room 206 or 207 Main.

Sample midterm #1

Sample midterm #2

Solutions for Sample midterm #2

Midterm 1 and its solutions

Midterm 2 and its solutions

The sample final

Solutions for Sample Final

We are fortunate to have Derek Dreyer as the TA for this course( His lab hours at 14 Wash Pl. for this week can be found by clicking here.


Rules for writing programs

Instructions for course email list

Sending homeworks by email

Writeups & Related Programs


Class Programs

If you want to learn about Unix and you are caught up on your work, there is an email course given by the Unix Advocacy Group. If you are overloaded with work forget about this.

The answers to the end-of-chapter problems in the text book are available on the acfsw server (14 Wash place) on the Z: drive under the directory /COURSES/V220101.001/ES.