Randomized Algorithms

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Syllabus. Randomization is a powerful tool for achieving efficiency and/or simplicity in many settings. This course will study a variety of techniques for using randomization in algorithm design. Randomization typically introduces uncertainty, which could be uncertainty regarding the result, or uncertainty regarding the algorithm's performance; but this is tolerable if it is of sufficiently low probability. Primality testing and quicksort, respectively, provide examples of each of these. Techniques for analyzing the (probabilistic) correctness and performance of randomized algorithms will be a central part of the course.

Prerequisites. Honors Analysis of Algorithms, or A in Fundamental Algorithms, or equivalent background with permission of the instructor. The course also assumes familiarity with basic probability and counting, such as might be encoutered in an analysis of quicksort or of an idealized hashing scheme.

Assignments. There will be homeworks comprising problems drawn from the textbook and elsewhere. Late homeworks will not be accepted (except in the event of illness or other unavoidable circumstances). If for some reason you will be unable to hand in a homework on time, please discuss it with me beforehand.

Required text. Motwani and Raghavan, Randomized Algorithms.

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