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Why study Computer Science?

Be part of the discipline that is transforming daily life. 25 years ago, social and work lives happened completely offline; most people didn't even have email addresses. 15 years ago, there were no smart phones. 10 years ago, Facebook was just getting started. What will we see 5 years from now? 10 years from now? Help decide!

Gain rich intellectual rewards. One of the few academic disciplines invented in the 20th century, CS is filled with profound and beautiful intellectual questions. Many of these questions are comprehensible after just one or two semesters of CS!

Receive invaluable professional preparation. CS is a strong foundation for many careers: not only "high tech", and its many entrepreneurial possibilities, but also law, medicine, and finance. Professional schools and employers know that the "computing perspective" gives you vital knowledge, hones your thinking, and endows you with analytical skills.

Why study CS at NYU?

As a CS major, you will be part of the acclaimed Courant Institute, which originated the study of applied mathematics in the US and continues to be preeminent in this area. Today, the CS department, working in this tradition, has world-class faculty in theoretical computer science, computer graphics, computer security, databases, computer systems, software verification, and more.

What are my options for studying CS at NYU?

Course of Study Description

BA in CS (with honors)

the CS major

BA in CS & Math (with honors)

a joint major

BA in CS & Econ (with honors)

a joint major

BA in CS & Data Science

a joint major


accelerated masters

minor in CS

the CS minor

minor in CS & Math

a joint minor

minor in Web Programming & Applications

a specialty minor

minor in Computer Science Education

a specialty minor

BA in CS; BS in Computer Engineering with the Tandon School of Engineering

dual degree

BA in CS; BS in Electrical Engineering with the Tandon School of Engineering

dual degree

Student Spotlight

Our undergraduate students contribute greatly to the vitality of the department. The Student Spotlight , which is updated throughout the year, highlights exciting new research projects, course information, and student experiences.


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