Services for Prospective Employers

Are you interested in hiring? Many of our students, undergraduate and graduate, are eager to participate in internships. Additionally, we have students who are in the process of looking for full-time positions, once they complete their degrees.

The Department of Computer Science is happy to assist companies with advertising their opportunities to our students. The department maintains an internal mailing list that we use to advertise job opportunities to our students. In order to post your job openings on this mailing list, you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the Wasserman Center for Career Development website and post the job. This free process will generate a reference number.
  2. Once you have your reference number, you can e-mail the Department of Computer Science the following information:
    • The Wasserman Center reference number for the position.
    • The job description or information about the job.
    • Contact information for the position.
    If you are targeting undergraduate students, you can e-mail Romeo Kumar at If you are targeting master's students, you can e-mail Cristina Domingo at or Betty Tsang at If you are targeting PhD students, you can e-mail Santiago Pizzini at
  3. After the department receives your e-mail with the above information, we will send a message out to the students via our mailing list.

You must adhere to NYU's Terms and Conditions for employers when posting a job.

The Wasserman Center for Career Development has many services for employers. We encourage companies to review the information to learn of the many ways Wasserman can help employers.