PhD Admissions


Applying to the PhD program

*** An online application is required. ***

Full details about applying as a PhD student are available
through the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) Application
Resource Center; see

Note: You must arrange with the Educational Testing Services (ETS)
to submit GRE and (if necessary) TOEFL scores electronically to
GSAS. NYU's institution code for the GRE and TOEFL is 2596. A
special department code is not needed for the GRE.

If you are required to take the TOEFL, you must list a department
code. The code for Computer Science is 78, or you can use code 99.
Do not use code 00 or leave this field blank.

To expedite the processing of your application, you should upload
the unofficial copies of your results on these tests as part of
your online application. However, GSAS must receive the official
scores from ETS before the admissions deadline.


GSAS admissions deadlines

MSCS October 1st March 1st
MSIS October 1st March 1st
PhD - December 12th

Evaluation of applications to the PhD program

All of the items listed below must be included in your online
application.  Please note that the general GRE test is required;
the GRE Computer Science subject test is optional.

     * A completed application form, including a statement of purpose;
     * Three letters of recommendation;
     * GRE scores;
     * Curriculum vitae;
     * Academic transcripts;
     * TOEFL scores for any student whose native language or medium
       of undergraduate instruction is not English.

Admission decisions are made by a faculty committee.  The most
important factor in an PhD admission decision involves the applicant's
likely ability to succeed in original research. Hence the committee
pays significant attention to the applicant's statement of purpose
and to letters of recommendation that highlight the applicant's
contributions to research.  Links to research publications written
or co-authored by the applicant are helpful.  (Copies of publications
should NOT be submitted.)

There are no explicit requirements for grades or GRE scores.  All
applicants to the PhD program are expected to have outstanding grades
and excellent GRE scores, as well as a demonstrated command of written
English.  The letters of recommendation should provide confirmation
of the applicant's originality and creativity in research.

Financial support of PhD students

All full-time Computer Science PhD students in good standing receive
financial support, including a nine-month stipend during the academic
year, payment of tuition and fees, and health insurance.

For some students, this support is provided through the GSAS MacCracken
Fellowship program.  Information about the MacCracken program can be
found by clicking the link to ``Guidelines'' at

More than half of Computer Science PhD students receive support
from research assistantships associated with external grants received
by their research advisors.

There are also opportunities for MacCracken fellows to receive
additional compensation separate from their MacCracken award by serving as instructional assistants.

Prospective PhD students are encouraged to apply for external
fellowships. In recent years, NYU Computer Science PhD students
have received fellowships from Google, IBM, and Microsoft.
Unfortunately, there is no single website with information about
all available fellowships.  A small selection of links to fellowships
can be found at

Part-time PhD students

Our general expectation is that Computer Science PhD
students are full-time students.

Part-time PhD students are admitted only in exceptional
cases. No financial support is provided for part-time
PhD students.

A part-time student is expected, in general, to register
for 6 credit-hours per semester (two 3-credit classes),
which, on average, is equivalent to 24 hours per week of
time (including class time, work related to a class,
or thesis-related research). Honors courses (some of
which are required) and PhD seminars typically take
place during regular business hours.

Documentation confirming that a part-time student will
have enough time to pursue the degree may be required by the
department---for example, a written statement from the
student's employer that the student will be allowed to
have flexible hours.

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