Checklist for Incoming Students

New York University (NYUHome) Accounts

Upon admission, all NYU students are assigned an NYUHome account based on their NetID. You can activate your account by visiting the NYUHome Start Page . You will be prompted with instructions from there. Your user ID for this account is your NYU NetID, which is printed on the back of your NYU photo ID card.

Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CIMS) Accounts

All CS and Math graduate students are eligible for Courant computer accounts. To obtain a CIMS account, go to the Courant Computer Accounts page.

Visiting students from other departments, undergraduates taking graduate classes and students who have not otherwise been issued a password must specifically request an account by sending an email to Cristina Domingo at .

The body of your message should contain the following information:

  • Lastname, Firstname
  • NetID
  • University ID number (such as N12345678)
  • The program or class you are currently enrolled in

For more information regarding general computing resources at Courant, visit the Courant Computing Resources page.

Department Mailing Lists

Please click on the links below to subscribe to the various departmental mailing lists. Note that you must subscribe using either your Courant or your NYU e-mail address. is a list that the department uses to post educational, research, and job opportunities. Employers wishing to post jobs or internships to the list should follow the instructions on the prospective employers page. is open to all department members and is used to post announcements and queries of potential interest to the Computer Science Department community. is used to announce talks and seminars in our department and related fields.

In addition to the private lists shown above, you may also browse the department's public mailing lists . Note that this page is only accessible from within the NYU network.

GSAS New Student Checklist

The Graduate School of Arts & Science also provides a new student checklist with additonal information to help you get started at NYU.