Below are the Courant Computer Science Department's Summer 2022 course offerings, which follow CAS, university, and state and city health and safety guidelines.

Instruction modes for Summer 2022 classes include:

  • Online: Faculty and all students are remote; there is no physical classroom.
  • In-Person: The section is in-person with ordinary meetings.

A list of undergraduate-level courses for each mode can be found below. This list is up-to-date as of February 7, 2022. Course instruction mode designations may be revised based on the guidance we get from the university or state. We will inform all registered students promptly if a course designation changes.


Faculty and all students are fully remote; there is no physical classroom and no in-person component.

  • CSCI-UA.0002-001 Intro to Computer Programming
  • CSCI-UA.0004-001 Intro to Web Design and Computer Principles
  • CSCI-UA.310 Basic Algorithms

In-Person COURSES:

Faculty and all students are in-person and are expected to attend in-person regularly. These courses may include possible online tutoring components, but that is up to the instructor’s preference.

  • CSCI-UA.0002-002 Intro to Computer Programming
  • CSCI-UA.0004-002 Intro to Web Design and Computer Principles
  • CSCI-UA.101 Intro to Computer Science
  • CSCI-UA.102 Data Structures
  • CSCI-UA.201 Computer Systems Organization
  • CSCI-UA.470 Object Oriented Programming

Summer Registration begins on February 7, 2022. Please review the Computer Science Course Schedule

Please speak to your advisor about the possibility of applying courses from other campuses or schools toward a CS requirement. The syllabus must be reviewed and the course MUST be approved as a substitute by the CS department before you take the course.


Update 02/07/2022: All international students who are newly enrolled as of Summer 2022 and hope to gain entry to the US for that term should be registered for at least one course during the semester that is not online. Acceptable courses are those whose instructional mode is listed in Albert as "In-Person," "Blended," or "Independent Studies." Essentially, whatever term the student starts in the US cannot be fully online. Please contact the  Office of Global Services (OGS) for international students for further guidance. This website will be updated with guidance regarding Fall 2022 registration once it is available.