Graduate Special Topics in Computer Science

NOTE: for descriptions of standard graduate computer science courses, see Graduate Course Descriptions.

CSCI-GA.3033-001 Enterprise Architecture Frameworks 

Alignment of business and technology models is a tactical business objective that supports all business strategies meant to improve the value chain in service-driven organizations. The focus of Enterprise Architectures is to facilitate this alignment by identifying the main components of an organization or a sub-set of it (such as its information systems), and the ways in which these components work together. The components include staff, business processes, technology, information, financial and other resources. This course gives an introduction to Enterprise Architecture Frameworks (EAFs) that may be used to catalog and documents Enterprise components to help inform, guide, and constrain choices in business/IS/IT solutions development. EAFs are increasingly used in the industry today as a result of the continued emergence of new technologies and ongoing pressures to reengineer business processes to achieve improved efficiency and greater customer focus.

CSCI-GA.3033-002 Production Quality Software

In this course, students learn to develop production quality software. Lectures present real-world development practices that maximize software correctness and minimize development time. A special emphasis is placed on increasing proficiency in a particular programming language by doing weekly development projects and participating in code reviews. Assignments become more sophisticated as the semester progresses, eventually incorporating unit tests, build scripts, design patterns, and other techniques. The course culminates with an assignment that requires students to contribute to an open-source project of their choice.

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