Hasan Aljabbouli


I'm Hasan, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University.
I have Ph.D and MPhil in Data Mining and Machine Learning from Cardiff Univesity (UK). My first degree was a Bachelor of Informatics Engineering from Homs University (SYR).
In addition to my academic and industrial experience, I also own two granted Patents. I have a deep appreciation for how education can improve communities and the quality of life of people. I trust that the knowledge we accumulate as researchers and practitioners is valuable only if it is shared. Moreover, I believe that as long as I am teaching, I am improving my experience, increasing my knowledge and my students' information.
My primary research interest is to develop, apply and analyze machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to solve real-life problems, especially in data mining and information retrieval, with the hope to reduce the gap between theory and practice.