Subhash Khot

Computer Science Department
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
New York University
New York, NY-10012

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I am a Professor in the Computer Science Department at New York University, part of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Previous affiliations:

1999-2003: PhD at Princeton CS Department under the supervision of Prof. Sanjeev Arora .

2003-2004: Member of School of Mathematics , IAS.

2004-2007: Assistant Professor at the College of Computing at Georgia Tech.

2007-2011: Associate Professor at NYU.

2011-2013: Visiting faculty at U.Chicago with the theory group.






Fall 14: CSCI-GA.3520-001 Honors Analysis of Algorithms


Spring 14: CSCI-GA.3350-001 Theory of Computation (Honors) , aka, Computational Complexity


Fall 13: CSCI-UA.0453-001 Theory of Computation






Spring 11: G22.3033-005 Special Topics in Algorithms

Fall 10: V22.0453-001 Honors Theory of Computation

Spring 10: G22.3350-001 Computational Complexity

Fall 09: G22.3520-001 Honors Analysis of Algorithms

Spring 09: G22.3033-002 Computational Complexity

Fall 08: G22.3520-001 Honors Analysis of Algorithms

Spring 08: G22.3033-007 PCPs and Hardness of Approximation


Georgia Tech:

Fall'04 : PCPs and Hardness of Approximation

Spring'05 :  CS 6520:  Computational Complexity

Spring'05 :    Algorithmic Theory of Metric Embeddings

Spring'06 : Analysis of Boolean Functions  

Spring'06:  CS 4510:  Theory of Computation

Fall'06 :   CS 1050A:  Constructing Proofs

Spring'07 : CS 6520 : Computational Complexity