Dual Degree Program in Computer Science and Engineering

Dual B.S./B.S. Program with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The department offers CAS students a dual five-year B.S./B.S. program with the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Students in the program receive the B.S. degree in computer science from CAS and the B.S. degree in computer engineering or electrical engineering from NYU Tandon.

For further information visit the CAS Dual Degree Program website or speak to your CAS Academic Advisor at the College Advising Center, Silver Center, 100 Washington Square East, Room 905; 212-998-8130.


Computer Science/Computer Engineering Requirements

CAS Required Courses
CSCI-UA 101 Introduction to Computer Science 4
CSCI-UA 102Data Structures4
CSCI-UA 201Computer Systems Organization4
CSCI-UA 202Operating Systems4
CSCI-UA 310Basic Algorithms4
CSCI-UA 436Computer Architecture4
CSCI-UA xxxComputer Science Elective4
MATH-UA 120Discrete Mathematics4
MATH-UA 121Calculus I4
MATH-UA 122Calculus II4
MATH-UA 123Calculus III4
MATH-UA 140Linear Algebra4
MATH-UA 262Ordinary Differential Equation4
PHYS-UA 91Physics for Majors I3
PHYS-UA 93Physics for Majors II3
PHYS-UA 95Physics for Majors III3
PHYS-UA 71Introduction to Experimental Physics I2
PHYS-UA 72Introduction to Experimental Physics II2
PHYS-UA 73Intermediate Experimental Physics I2
TANDON Required Courses
CS-UY 1124 Object Oriented Programming 4
CS-UY 2204Digital Logic and State machine Design4
EG-UY 1003Introduction to Engineering and Design3
EE-UY 2013Fundamentals of Electric Circuits I3
EE-UY 2024Fundamentals of Electric Circuits II4
EE/CS (UY)Computer Engineering Restricted Electives (5)15/20
EE/CS/EL (UY)Electives9
EE-UY 4001ECE Professional Development & Presentation1
CS/EE-UY 4xx3Design Project I3
CS/EE-UY 4xx3Design Project II3
CM-UY 1004General Chemistry for Engineers4
MA-UY 2224Data Analysis4

Once again, please confirm these requirements with casvirtualadvisor@nyu.edu.