Courses Spring 1998

Jonathan Amsterdam. G22.2280, User Interfaces
Name Removed V22.0380.002, Fundamentals in C
Ravi Boppana. V22.0310, Basic Algorithms
Ravi Boppana. G22.3033.001, Mathematical Methods in Computer Science
Ethan Cerami. V22.0380.001, CS Fundamentals in C
Ernest Davis. G22.2560, Artificial Intelligence
Robert Dewar & Ed Schonberg. G22.3033.08, Microprocessor Architecture
Robert Dewar & Ed Schonberg. G22.2130, Compilers
Davi Geiger. V22.0444.001, Database Systems
Susan Flynn Hummel. G22.2250, Operating Systems
Jean-Claude Franchitti. G22.2110, Programming Languages
Arthur Goldberg. G22.3812, Information Technology Projects
Arthur Goldberg. G22.3033.04, Internet & Intranet Protocols & Applications
Ben Goldberg. V22.0202.001, Computer Systems Organization II
Jonathan Goodman. G22.1170, Fundamental Algorithms
Allan Gottlieb. V22.0480.005, Distributed Operating Systems
Ralph Grishman. G22.2590, Natural Language Processing
Nathan Hull, Deena Engel, Evan Gallagher. A22.0004, Computers in Principle & Practice I
Nathan Hull. A22.0005, Computers in Principle & Practice II
Vijay Karamcheti. G22.3033.10, Scalable Clusters: Architecture & Software
Yannis Korilis. G22.3033.009, Resource Allocation & Networking Games
Leonid Libkin. G22.2433, Database Systems
Samuel Marateck. A22.0002, Intro to Computers & Programming
Samuel Marateck. V22.0102, Intro to Computer Science II
Michael Overton. G22.2730, Linear Programming
Stuart Piltch. V22.0380.003, Intro to Multimedia
Avi Rubin. G22.3033.06, Privacy In Networks: Attacks and Defenses
Ed Schonberg. V22.0102.004, Honors Intro to Computer Science II
S. Viswanathan. V22.480.004, Applied Internet Technology
Chee Yap. G22.3033.02, Visualization
Chee Yap. G22.3350, Honors Theory of Computation