Distributed Operating Systems--Allan Gottlieb


The FINAL EXAM is thursday 7 may from 10:00am until 11:50am in room 102 ciww (i.e. our normal class room)

The answers to homework problems from all chapters are available. See below.

I am here all day tuesday. Stop by, email, or phone (998-3344) with any questions.

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Lab 1

Lab 1, on process coordination, is here in postscript and in html. The lab was officially assigned on 26 feb and due three weeks later. Since that is 16 march, which is during spring break, the lab is due 24 march. PLEASE do not start on the lab 23 march and expect to get it in on time. Notes on simulating concurrency, which is needed for the lab, are also here in postscript and in html.

Lecture Notes

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