Randomness in Cryptography, Spring 2013

Lecturer: Prof. Yevgeniy Dodis.
Course Homepage: http://cs.nyu.edu/~dodis/randomness-in-crypto/index.html

Lecture Summaries

Scribe Notes:

Students are expected to scribe a couple of lectures in LaTeX. The scribe notes are due by Wednesday following the Thursday's lecture.
Please use
preamble.tex (including relevant macros) and appropriately modify the sample lecture1.tex (renaming it with right lecture number and topic, putting your name, defining new macros, etc.).
You should send me lecture?.tex, lecture?.pdf. In case you edited preamble.tex, please also send it to me, but make sure you only ADD to it, since I want all the lectures to compile with the same preamble file.

Brief Course Description:

We will cover a variety of topics (see the list below) revolving around randomization, entropy, information-theoretic crypto, extractors and (time permitting) leakage-resilient cryptography.