Master's of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)

MSIS Overview

The MSIS Program is a master's degree combining computer science courses at Courant (Graduate School of Arts and Science {GSAS}) and business courses at the Stern School of Business.

Given today's ubiquitous computing, organizations have a critical need for people who understand, in depth, both computers and business. Many influential technology leaders today are those with deep expertise in technology and business strategy. Successful new technology products and information systems always combine technical quality and smart business strategy. Developing these systems requires extensive communications among technical developers, business managers and users.

The Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) program focuses on training students in the core concepts of computing and business so graduates can develop successful careers in management positions that require deep technical skills.

For example, MSIS graduates have excelled in the following careers:

  • At software vendors:
    • Product manager
    • Requirements analyst
    • Programming team leader
  • In Information Technology (IT) departments:
    • CIO
    • VP IT operations
    • Systems architect
    • Internal requirements analyst
    • Development team leader
  • At consulting companies:
    • Strategic technology consultant

MSIS students draw from the same courses as Courant GSAS Computer Science graduate students and Stern MBA students. The MSIS program offers the academic equivalent of an abbreviated combined Computer Science Master's and MBA degree.

NYU does not provide financial aid to MSIS students.

Requirements in a nutshell

The MSIS degree requires 13 courses of which half are from the Stern School of Business while the other half are from Computer Science. In addition, students are required to take the Information Technology Project course, which offers students real world experience solving IT solutions to business problems via participation in a set of team projects at local corporations, non-profits and government agencies. Apart from course requirements, students must also maintain good standing by sustaining a minimum GPA of at least 3.0 (B) each semester.

For more details on the MSIS requirements, please see the MSIS requirements page.

Sample courses

Below is an incomplete list of classes that MSIS students typically take. Please refer to the MSIS requirements page and the course catalog for the complete list of offered classes.

Stern Business School Courses

Computer Science Courses