Requirements for Masters in Information Systems

The MSIS degree requires 13 courses (39 credits), 5 Stern courses, 5 Computer Science (CS) courses, an Information Technology Projects course and 2 approved electives of your choice which may be taken at CS or Stern.

In addition, students must maintain good standing throughout their studies. This involves sustaining a grade-point average of at least 3.0 (B) each semester, successfully completing at least two thirds of all courses attempted, and completing the degree within five years. Students falling below the GPA and course completion requirements are placed on probation, and given until the following fall or spring semester to return to good standing, or faced with possible academic dismissal from the program.

The following course distribution is required (3 credits per course unless otherwise noted):

The Information Technology Projects (ITP) Course

One of the last courses an MSIS student takes is the capstone Information Technology Projects (ITP) course. This course is a unique software engineering and project management practicum. ITP offers students real world experience understanding and solving IT solutions to business problems via participation in a set of team projects at clients such as local corporations, non-profits and government agencies. Each team of about 4 students undertakes one IT project that lasts a semester. Students must complete CS Requirement A and CS Requirement B before enrolling in the Information Technology Projects course.
The course offers an opportunity to experience (most of) the complete IT project life cycle. The following steps of an IT project are taught and practiced:

  • Analyze business goals
  • Gather requirements
  • Develop project specification
  • Estimate effort
  • Allocate tasks to team members
  • Develop schedule
  • Obtain approval of specification and project plan
  • Develop prototype
  • Review code

The course encourages students to learn to balance 'analysis' and 'implementation' efforts to produce good software efficiently. It teaches students about the wide range of project management methodologies and approaches so they can think about how to choose the correct approach. In some cases, the Projects course has led to students obtaining employment with the clients served by the course.

Transferring to MSIS

Students enrolled in a Computer Science or Mathematics graduate program (including the MSCS, the MS in Mathematics in Finance, and the MS in Scientific Computing) may apply to transfer into the MSIS program by submitting a completed Change of Program Form to the MS Program Administrator. Students enrolled in other NYU graduate programs must submit a new application, available at the GSAS Application Resource Center.

To evaluate the transfer, we will review the application that was submitted to gain admission to the graduate program in which the student is currently enrolled. The standardized exams (GRE and TOEFL, if required) must be less than three years old - otherwise they must be taken again. In addition, a student should submit a current resume and revised statemment of purpose.

A student may initiate an application to transfer into the MSIS program at any time, however a decision will not be made before the grades for at least three courses have been posted. Students must be in good academic standing to apply for a change of program.

Upon a student's successful transfer into the MSIS program, all eligible courses, as determined by the Director, will be credited toward the MSIS.